About Us

Tofu Express provides neighborhood delivery service for tofu products. The price for the tofu product is competitive to Chinatown's with no extra service/delivery charge. Our preferred vendor is Soyafoods, Inc with brand name 金鑫. However, we also carry other brand names on demand.

For the convenience of our customers, we also provide complementary grocery shopping, i.e., our shopping-for-you service. Currently, there are no service charges for those shopping-for-you items except for live fish(活魚) and live chicken(活雞) which carry a service charge of 10%. However, we reserve the right for a service charge of 15% for those those shopping-for-you items. If an item is subject to a service charge, it will be clearly marked as so. We shop the special items from the two major Chinatown grocery stores, 平價 and 88.

It is important to note that Tofu Express provides neighborhood delivery. We will give extra discount to a larger order size from a neighborhood. Therefore it is to your benefit to contact your neighbors with the same need to increase the total order size.

We are commited to provide fresh tofu and convenience to our customers with no or minimum extra cost. We also hope that you have an enjoyable shopping experience from this web site. Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our service.

For any questions or comments, call 978-902-3164 or send email to sales@tofuexp.com.