How Do We Work

It is very simple. You order online and we deliver your groceries over the weekend! There is no delivery charge unless we need to redeliver your groceries.

To help us arrange the supply of your order, we would like to see your order as early as you can make your shopping decision for next week. Earlier orders will have a greater chance to be filled.

The order cutoff time is 7:00 AM on Saturday.

We start to do delivery on Saturday. The delivery may continue on Sunday depending on total numbers of orders we receive. If you need your groceries for the Saturday dinner, feel free to call us at 978-902-3164 to check the status of your order and you are welcome to pick them up after 4:00 PM.

We do a one-pass only delivery. The meaning is that we deliver all the orders on the same route at one shot. We suggest that if you are not at home at the delivery, you leave a cooler outside your house for your groceries. In the summer, put some ice in it and in the winter, put a gallon of water in it. If you are not at home at the delivery and we can not find a safe place for your groceries, we will bring the groceries back. You will then need to pick your groceries up or pay a service charge of $5.00 for the redelivery.